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Englert Leaf Guard Gutter Protection  by Beldon Enterprises

Don't let leaves and debris wreck your house and home life. Cleaning out clogged leaves from gutters is no fun. Have LeafGuard installed, and never clean out gutters again! This revolutionary one-piece seamless aluminum clog-free guttering system is not an add-on, cover, or screen. This system catches and routes water, while it diverts leaves and pine needles to the ground. It's attractive, maintenance-free, and available with a lifetime no clog and a manufacturer's 20-year finish warranty.

Get LeafGuard, then "leaf" it alone!


SAN ANTONIO - Autumn leaves will soon begin falling, and for many people that will mean leaf-filled gutters that need to be cleaned out. 

To prevent that scenario this year, now is the time for homeowners to take steps to prevent clogged gutters and the variety of problems that can come with them. Those include wood rot, foundation problems and landscaping erosion. In some areas of the U.S., soggy leaf build up is also prime breeding ground for mosquitoes that can carry the West Nile virus.

Preventing clogged gutters can also prevent another serious health threat. According to the National Ag Safety Database, accidents involving ladders—projects such as gutter cleaning—cause an estimated 300 deaths and 130,000 injuries requiring emergency medical attention each year in the U.S. The American Ladder Institute attributes nearly half a million falls annually to improper ladder usage.

An array of covered gutter-protection products offers homeowners safer low- or no- maintenance alternatives to gutter cleaning.

Chris Edelen, President and CEO of LeafGuard by Beldon, offers a unique perspective on the safety issue having seen his own father fall off a ladder while trying to clean his gutters. Edelen said his father spent more than 12 weeks in the hospital and several hundred thousand dollars in hospital bills. It was an accident Edelen says could have been avoided and changed his family forever.

“There’s an easier way,” Edelen said. “Keeping your gutters clean doesn’t have to pose such a tremendous risk to your health.”

Edelen says there are four basic types of gutter protectors. Some are add-on devices that fit over existing gutters. Others are complete systems that require replacing existing gutters.

An insert, such as Filter Flow, fits in the existing gutter. The insert is an open-cell, polyurethane insert, specially shaped and cut to fit snugly into the gutter. Water flows through the filter into the gutter valley and out the downspout. A biocide and fungicide inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, algae and moss as well as inhibit the breeding of mosquitoes in the filter material or gutter.

Another option is an add-on gutter filter. One of the newest filters on the market is the Gutter Shingle, which combines a solid cover concept with the conventional design of a mesh gutter screen. Rainfall runs through the shingle, while the fine-mesh screen keeps out small debris such as leaves, pine needles and twigs. Among the benefits, textured paint blends with the roof shingles and guards such as the Gutter Shingle can be installed on any pitch roof.

A gutter screen can also be added onto existing gutters. Gutter Tunnel, for example, is a patented dual-filtration system made of two heavy-gauge aluminum debris filters, one on top of the gutter and one inside. The system allows easy installation without interfering with roof shingles and without installing clips that can rust or stain the face of gutters. Once installed, there are no openings to allow nesting of pests or birds.

The most effective products on the market are gutter replacement systems like LeafGuard, which provides complete maintenance-free gutter protection. A patented one-piece seamless gutter, it is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum 20 percent thicker than ordinary gutters. LeafGuard allows rainwater into the gutter while deflecting debris such as leaves and dirt to the ground. The system attaches with hidden, non-corrosive internal brackets. In addition, LeafGuard is the only one piece system on the market that guarantees that your gutters will never clog or they will clean them for free for the life of the product.

With so many options, Edelen recommends homeowners do their homework to find a good-quality, tested product that best fits their needs. Then, when choosing an installer, he says make sure they guarantee their work in writing, provide insurance for all employees and use their own installers—not subcontract workers – on the job. 

“It is true what they say, “said Edelen. “You do get what you pay for, and in the case of gutter protection products, it is well worth the cost. People can either spend their money upfront to protect their home and investment, or understand that they may pay a hefty price later for the damage.”